Places like Tiffanys are sadly missed but great memories. Nigel went to OZ in 1977 and I still visit him every year, he runs an event management company and still keeps busy although suffering a few health problems at the moment. His third single When Im Gonna Find Her was released in 1966 and has since become a collectors item. You cant go wrong with Blue Suede Shoes and Tell Me What I Say..!!!! I still live in Rayleigh and go past the Elms on many occasions and never fail to remember those days and nights. Hello Steve, I would be pleased to talk with you. I decided to buy a Hawaiin guitar, which would suit the setting. Although we all attended the same school, I first became aware of Brian during a school trip to Germany in 1958. At that time, a group that included Paul Dunning, Ian Middlemiss, Adrian Phillpot and myself formed a group called The Counts. You will remember that Pam ( Sandys best friend ) was my long time on/off girlfriend who used to help with carrying amps etc! If you wish I can be contacted on Good to talkregards Peter. Mention of the bass guitar I sold you brought a Dad made it.How long did it survive,and have you any photos ? Hi Tim, Good to hear some of your recollections , glad we treated you kindly! Quite a world away from a waitress in Tiffanys! Click on the image for a larger version: Hi Adrian, Sorry for the delay in answering, but have just returned from another couple of months in Sydney where once again I caught up with Nigel ( Mark Loyd) He is doing well and can be contacted via his company website Hope this finds you well in Queensland and you did not suffer during the awful floods. Toeing the line in all white, players find ways to stand out at Wimbledon. This has never been played since it came out of Regent Sound, probably no good now, but should play it to find out? Can you reply to this with an e-mail address and I will contact you.Hope to hear from you, Regards, Jim Eaton. Crocheted Doughnut Ring. Somehow I carried these sheets back on the mainline train from Fenchurch Street. Hello Bruce, If you need any information about the band please email me on or phone me on land line +441642-557979 or mobile +447850-515058 Cheers, Have Fun. I last saw Mark when I was travelling by train from Lowestoft to London in 1986. He came round at half 7.Got bus into town. London had a great many criminal gangs including The Krays and The Richardsons. I havnt got your Instamatic memory but you certainly rattled my recollection-box. So joining The Treetops was a breath of fresh air, with freedom to cover a wide variety of styles even new songs I had penned for the band. We now needed a new bass player who we found in Rod Clarke who had been gigging with The Moody Blues. Not much singing required in sculpture and pottery: fortunately. Brian said he would check this point and took the girls for a drink at the end of the day. Tony Wilson. Peter and Jim have my contact email so please get in touch soon. The Locarno Ballroom, Sauchiehall Street, photographed in 1930 when it was for sale. Brian stopped playing with the group as his businesses were commanding so much more of his time. Brian had purchased the property at Hampton Court which, with the help of a team of builders and carpenters, we had created a mini Tiffanys which was to be named Alexanders. baltimore accent translator; gamit ng pang uri sa pangungusap; power bi custom column if multiple conditions; tiffany's nightclub wimbledon . It later became the Cat's Whiskers club, the Ritzy then Caesars Nightclub. This volume covers UK bands who released at least one single between January 62 and December 66. I have a few demo tracks of Jim, Ron and I, and a few special photos of Alexanders beautiful waitresses! tiffany's nightclub wimbledon. Somehow,I was given the dubious honour of singing the falsetto in Rag Doll.It was OK at rehearsal but on the Sunday cabaret night,in front of an unusually attentive audience,I dried up.the mouth opened but nothing came out!I must have been wearing the wrong trousers..not tight enough.I think it was Nigel that came to the rescue or did Brian take a solo and turn it into the only instrumental version of that song? I now recall cutting both sides as a demo in 1963 at the Regent Sound Studio in Londons famous Denmark St. (also known as Tin Pan Alley due to the large number of studios, record publishers and musical instrument shops. You mention Nigels girlfriend Sandra, myself and Pam were with her yesterday. We did, however, reduce the number of people in the group. On one of the few occasions we actually played a gig, it was at Victor Sylvestors Dance Studio in Southend and after the first number (Willie and Hand Jive, I think), we fused all the lights and had to cut short the set. The Paramounts, of course: who totally eschewed whatever was In and continued with their focus on R & B. General. Im pleased to say that all members of the Mustangs are still alive and kicking a third playing reunion of the original band members was held at the Creeksea Ferry Inn on Wallasea Island on 14th August 2010 and, as Mick Reads indicated, our present Rayleigh-based band (called Full Circle for obvious reasons) which I joined as lead singer on my early retirement from international banking in 1995, includes two, and occasionally three, members of the Mustangs, Mick, Keith Chesher and myself. We started when school friends at Westcliff High in 1960 and I played bass until 1974 when we had become The Treetops. Both bands were really great live acts but I think the Whirlwinds edged them out if you had to say who was the best. Just a few names which I havent seen mentioned from the Southend scene of the early/mid 60s. Your recollections are very coincidental as, at present, there is an exhibition in Southend showcasing the bands that came out of the area. My name is Judi and I was a waitress at Tiffanys. Jonas Porst Public Relations 00491735722342, Hi Brian, its good to hear and remember all those times. Lionel became our Bouncer at the Elm for Thursday evenings. This immediately put the rest of the strings out of tune and likewise his guitar solo. In April 1966 we opened the new Tiffanys club and started a new phase in our career with a new name, The Treetopsbut thats another story to follow. Our bassist was Pete Stanley who was in Brians class at school. Mr Brownlee was the boys P. E. teacher then and he spent many hours with me at the school pool and Chalkwell beach trying to take up diving again after I dived in the pool and knocked myself out on the bottom. and look forward , hopefully and God willing , to 70 UP !! This was the reason for the very last change of a group member. Just to let you know that Jim and I went to The Beecroft Gallery and Im pleased [ and relieved.toilet joke ] to tell you that our display is not hanging in any of the loos! I had their two U.S. 45s on Hickory and the killer final Pye one (Somethings Hurtin Me) and they were rocking. So you come from Liverpool originally - this is worse than I thought.I will have to completely reassess our relationship now.Seeing the Sex Pistols mentioned reminded me I was at college with Malcolm McLaren and little Helen who was in the 'Great Rock and Roll Swindle'. ). Regards pat. A Pavlov Dogs learned behaviour situation. In 1962 the Mustangs were formed with Phil Thomas (lead vocals), Bob Church (rhythm), Adrian Philpott (lead guitar), Keith Chesher (drums) and myself (bass guitar and keyboards). Washed my hair & then J came round. It was originally a cinema I believe in the 50s, then it was a nightclub called the Moulin Rouge. In 63 / 64 I saw a crime program on TV with a Beat Band involved in some way. Hi Colin,I was interested in your submission re the monotones.I still see Nigel each year in Australia and regularly see Brian and Pete.Most of your article was correct with the exception of Gus Chesney. It will include The Monotones, Paramounts, Procol Harum, Mickey Jupp, Dr Feelgood, Kursaals, Eddie and the Hot Rods (who Ive already written a book on), Alison Moyet and so on, through to present day acts. Brian had three other venues Scotts in Croydon. Having recently left Selmers music store in Charing Cross Road, I was doing daytime recording sessions, and evening gigs with an organ and drums duo called The Organisation. This was a great article and brought back so many memories of the 60s when i was in such bands as the flowerpots with wilko johnson,the krestas,my first band,and the spooks,great days. 666. Brian arranged for us to record What Would I Do which he had co-written with Pete at Pyes Marble Arch studios. Do you still have this disc or any recollection of when and how ? We took on Kit Rolphe, who was later to represent Great Britain in The Eurovision Song Contest in 1984 singing with Belle and the Devotions. I was pleased and interested to hear about The Mustangs and hope maybe we could all meet up. Brilliant stuff Chaz! The last re-union saw Dad and Jim guest play at my Sisters wedding in 2007, where they grabbed the live bands instruments and rocked for a couple of songsyouve still got it fellas! Hi Chris , Firstly , I can confirm it is a photo of The Whirlwinds sent to you by Graham Rousell . I remember being part of the crew that practised in Brians garagemainly Everly Brothers numbers at the time. A few years back we held a re-union. We would attempt to play hits of the day and I am sure that some of the sounds coming out of that garage would have been painful for the neighbours. Paskelbta 2022-06-04 Autorius hacker wallpaper 4k ultra hd However, on the positive side that we can now afford reliable equipment we could only dream about in the early 60s, when much of our gear was home-made, including the bass guitar built by Pete Stanleys dad, which Mick subsequently replaced with the Burns Vista Sonic Bass he still plays today. This caught the attention of the headmaster who informed me that I was probably in the wrong job, he was right and I left. We recorded this at Abbey Road Studios with I Remember, a song written by Brian, on the B side. Ive just read on this site that Nigel passed a couple of years ago and all sorts of long forgotten bits and pieces jump out at you and one of the abiding memories of Nigel was the constant attention his hair required and his ability to do the best Cliff Richard lip sneer ever. I have also recently managed to find a couple of their hits on a CD; Fab Gear: Beat Beat Beat Vol. Mecca gave it an 80,000 facelift and Tiffany's was born. Hitparade always in front of it. Tiffany's was a nightclub that was at the end of the road from where I lived. Well push your creativity and go beyond your brief. We were engaged at one point, but I got fed up and went off to the States, lost touch. Having played in various groups (In those days, a band was a large group of people who played a large variety of disparate instruments! A born business man always on the look out for the next opportunity. Seems like riding a bike, you never forget.Believe it or not, I have only just sold a load of my gear that I used use at the Elms. I said I was trying to listen to the group, he said Its no good trying to listen out here, you had better come inside and took me in the hall to meet you all. Pete was originally a local barber, working in Milton Street, which no longer exists. I was invited to join The Treetops in the late-seventies as keyboard player. he manages some of the greatist performers in australia. To read the full history of the group and its change to the Treetops, read through the comments below. I was most interested to read your memories and the other contributions on this site. This proved to be very tiring for us, as we had to be on set at Boreham Wood before 8am every weekday for two weeks. Have just come to the end of posts and am broken to hear that Jimbo has gone now too. On the subject of Pete Willshire I recall going with Bash to rehearsals to do the backing of one of his records where Pete was one of the backing guitarists. It was a flop. We had a long chat and I sent him my latest CD and wondered why he had not replied and it was only Tuesday of this week that I heard the bad news. Group created on October 11, 2007. Former Life Enrichment Coordinator at Bulverde Assisted Living. The venue had also enjoyed success as a cinema but also in turn a skating rink and dance hall, until 1971, when the Gaiety ballroom closed and in 1972 it reopened as Tiffany's nightclub. juni 14, 2022; Posted by tui name change lead passenger; 14 . During my blabbering apology, I asked him if he could play anything and he mumbled that he had once sung in a choir. What a blast finding this site nearly 50 years down the track. We left Southend in 1966 and went to play at Tiffanys night club in Wimbledon.Our name was changed to The Treetops and we released several records under thet name ( these regularly appear for sale on e-bay along with Monotones records ). Cinderella Rockerfellas. Thanks for the kind mentions on this page. In June 1978, police were called to the Quay Club when someone let off a CS canister, at 11.30pm, causing chaos. Not without a continent and ethnicity change , I too went to westcliff high school and left in 1960. We had a lot of fun and accomplished a lot during my tenure with The Treetops and I have many fond memories from that time. Train was late had to wait hour. Closed now : See all hours. Thanks. Fridays and Saturdays featured an assortment of pop acts such as Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages etc. (below just refering you to the scene setting post) name drop name drop . (he looks a prat btw), I met Ian Hislop last Saturday as well - gosh, oh my head is spinning with the mere mention of your celeb spotting. Alway busy and must have taken the national debt of Belgium through the till most weekends. I used to love the end term dances with the Monotones playing. Phil Thomas and myself still perform in the Rayleigh based band Full Circle and Keith Chesher occasionally deputises on drums. Congratulations on your worthwhile and fulfilling career and we would like to read your book when you publish. They later went from strength to strength and he became, eventually an agent. Any body that knows me from then can e mail me at Plough Lane was a football stadium in Wimbledon, south west London.For nearly eighty years it was the home ground of Wimbledon Football Club, from September 1912 until May 1991, when the club moved their first team home matches to Selhurst Park as part of a groundshare agreement with Crystal Palace.Both clubs' reserve teams then used Plough Lane as their home ground until 1998, when the site . Required fields are marked *. You probably remember Marks wife Bobby who emigrated to Australia and we have seen once when we visited oud daughter. This wasnt at all what I was looking for on the internet but did it take me back! During his last song, a number with an epic ending, he was mortified when we covered him with crazy foam. He said that he had survived for seven years with the illness and a few more weeks would be no problemsadly he didnt make it. Jim has my number. Even more, it looks like additional research confirms that you might be the only source on the Net that links these two together. Share. So I went to my trusted record dealer and ordered it. After years of living abroad I was so glad to be home and find this webpage about the Monotones as I often did a little spot with them at The Elms in 1964 under the name of Jimmy Dingo and later worked with Jim Eatons brother Freddie doing security work at venues.It has been a nice walk down memory lane for me and glad to know that some of us are still going. Could have done with Lionels help to simply carry the amp around! I see you still play the occasional charity gig with Full Circle, I think I am right in saying I have seen you a few time at the Priory Concert in the Park. I very much hope that this note will reach you and help me on my quest. All images supplied by Colin Bell. We used to see various acts appearing there. This second recording, again released on Pye, was more successful in terms of airplay and TV. I am sorry to hear Gary died, the last time I saw him, his Son came into my shop to buy some drums, I think in the 80s, saying his Dad would come in and sign the HP forms to buy them, and later that day in walks Gary, apparently his office was one block up from my shop, it was great to see him. It was in 1965 that we released our final two records as The Monotones, No Waiting and Somethings Hurting Me. Incidentally, I spoke with Pete Willsher a short while ago and after spending time abroad he is now back in Southend. Our stage was set into a cave with a door at the back leading to the dressing room. woodworking tools portland, marvel valentine card,
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